Vera Brezhnev has created a playroom for children-butterflies

Вера Брежнева создала детскую комнату для детей-бабочек

From now on, young patients with incurable disease can safely have fun with their peers.

The famous singer Vera Brezhnev in his Instagram account talked about the fact that she finally managed to create a playroom for the so-called children-butterflies. It is commonly called the children diagnosed with epidermolysis bullosa and the severity of this incurable disease is that the skin of patients with a similar ailment, like a butterfly, a critically thin. When interacting with the surrounding world of the young patients experience severe pain if their skin is damaged. Brezhnev said that thanks to the Fund “Children of Butterflies” in Scientific center of children’s health was able to open a specialized Department where all patients with a similar diagnosis can spend time with their peers while having fun.

The singer has noticed that in such matters it is always necessary to help children, as only the desire to help patients can move people to action. In the comments fans of Vera Brezhneva thanked her for the assistance to needy children, saying that the world would be a much better place if everyone cared not only about themselves.


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