“Verbal Message” from Kim Jong A to chinese president

«Message verbal» de Kim Jong Un au président chinois

The north Korean leader Kim Jong has sent a “verbal message” about the epidemic of coronavirus in chinese president Xi Jinping, announced on Friday the official news agency of north korea KCNA.

KCNA gave no detail on what meant these words, and gave no way to know if the two leaders had spoken directly.

The message was “due to the fact that China appears successful in the prevention of infection of Covid-19,” according to the news agency, and has allowed Kim Jong A to send “warm greetings” to the head of the chinese State.

Kim Jong One has made a reappearance very noticed on may 2, after weeks of speculation about his state of health, in the absence of be seen on April 15 at the most important event in the political calendar of north korea, the anniversary of the founding of the democratic people’s Republic Kim Il Sung.

If the media in the world have speculated on a sudden worsening of his state of health, and even his death, the South Korea had shown quite quickly that she had no reason to believe these rumors.

On Friday, North Korea launched a diatribe against its neighbor to the South after military exercises.

“Such reckless actions of the warmongers of the South are the peak of the military confrontation that would leave open-mouthed even to their master,” said a military spokesman quoted by KCNA. “It is a provocation serious that we can never pass up, and this situation requires a response necessary from us”.

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