Very soon there will be cross-sedan Citroen C3L

Совсем скоро появится кросс-седан Citroen C3L

Later in 2014, on the basis of this sedan in China has created a cross-hatchback Citroen C3-XR.

And already now on the basis of this model, the company is developing another sedan.

Image Citroen C3L was discovered in the certification database of Chinese Ministry of industry.

Anticipated car is the cross hatchback C3-XR with optional kvetobrazy Luggage compartment: probably even the rear doors are the same as the ancestor, in addition, the front part of the body.

But the main feature of the updated model will be plastic cross-body kit and increased ground clearance.

As we know Citroen C3L will have previous wheelbase as the sedan C-Elysee (2 655 mm) but is longer (4 vs. 4 505 427 mm) and higher (1 vs 1 513 476 mm). The width of the two chetyrehdverny the same (1 748 mm).

Also, models will have different engines. If C-Elysee in China is only aspirated with a 1.6-liter with 117 horsepower, the C3L is certified with a 3-cylinder turbo engine of 1.2-liter returns 116 horsepower.

The official premiere of the cross-the sedan is expected in the coming months. But outside China, he probably will not appear, because the cross is a hatchback C3-XR, the company exports does not deliver.

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