Veterans in Georgia celebrated the Day of Victory dancing

PHOTO : MIR / Mikhail Robakidze


In Georgia the main events in honor of Victory Day traditionally take place in Tbilisi, in Victory Park. 9 may there came thousands of citizens, reports the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Diana Iosseliani.

The joy of the holidays and memories of the great Victory veterans have carried through life. Today they are once again dancing – the age of heroes is not a hindrance. From Georgia went to the front of more than 600 thousand soldiers, half of them never returned. 9 may I thank everyone who gave their lives to bring this day.

“This is the biggest holiday. I made a 120 sorties. He finished the war in Berlin. Now I’m 95 years, but that great day remember every minute. So much emotion, so much joy,” says the veteran of the great Patriotic war of Eris of Surmava.

“I fought at Kerch. There was a lot decided. Lost a lot of guys from Georgia. When we made a breakthrough and released Strait, many have already felt the approach of victory, although Berlin was still far away,” said the veteran George Chitaishvili.

Participants of the action “Immortal regiment” came to Victory Park with portraits of their grandfathers and great grandfathers. Proudly told frontline stories of their ancestors.

“I’m proud of my grandfather and every year I come here on may 9. He’s told me so much about the war, about those years. We must remember and never forget, together how our guys won this terrible machine,” – said the granddaughter of veteran Mac Imerlishvili.

To congratulate the veterans and to honor the memory of heroes in Victory Park came to politics and the clergy. They laid wreaths at the memorial and talked with the heroes.

“Eternal memory to the heroes. Today is the day when all congratulating each other and talking about our big Win. All the people who died on the battlefields, deserve a low bow, and those who came back with us, should feel love and concern,” – said the President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili.

Holiday events and festivities in Tbilisi will continue until late evening.

Victory Day TV channel “MIR” launched a campaign “memory of the heart”. Our viewers tell us about their loved ones, who during the great Patriotic war defending the Homeland at the front and in the rear, photos of family heirlooms in social networks with the hashtag #mir9may.