Vic from “DeAngelo” surprised sharply increased Breasts in Instagram

2017-10-05 20:19

Vic from “DeAngelo” surprised sharply increased Breasts in Instagram
The singer showed how, in its view, should look like a nursing mother.

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Popular Ukrainian singer, the soloist of Duo with a unique low female voices “Neangely” Vic, daily pleases fans with new photos of your beautiful Stogram, reports Rus.Media. To monitor the page girls are very interesting because her life is very bright and saturated.

So beautiful all summer surprised fans with their pictures from vacation: gorgeous beaches, skimpy outfits for a sexy figure, joy and serenity in each new frame. But come working life, and now Vick and the Glory of the whole tour, so time to rest anymore.

But still, whatever happens, the beautiful Victoria continues add funny photos to your account.

Today, in the film, the singer appeared a funny picture with the caption: “And in this photo you can see how I would look with godowski chest. And by the way, the picture shows not an ounce of photoshop. I am for breast augmentation only natural methods.”

Fans appreciated the sense of humor brunette and praised her. Also, many noted that Victoria is very suitable for the image of breastfeeding mothers.

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