Victims of competition “unfair” of the giants

Victimes de compétition «déloyale» des géants

Retailers here of outdoor items are asking the government to be able to open “quickly” their doors. Some are afraid of losing sales in favor of giants such as Walmart and Canadian Tire.

A few weeks of the summer season, the direction of the shops, SAIL and Sportium would like to welcome customers in its 18 locations.

The president and chief executive officer, Norman Décarie, believes that the pause of Quebec has deprived his organization of ” tens of millions of dollars “.

It digests poorly, today, the fact that retailers open to sell products that are similar to those in SAIL and Sportium, and this, without restriction.

“The word” frustration “is low,” replied the business man. “I am not in a war against the large surfaces to the extent that they provide essential products. There, they can sell camping equipment and bikes, while me, I’m closed. It is simply unfair “, he laments.

Mr. Décarie said that his branch could re-open with additional security measures in ” three days “.

“I can understand that I am not an essential service. However, Canadian Tire does not sell more food than me. Costco, yes, but why not limit it to sell food ? “, he asks.

In recent weeks, the government of Quebec has rightly analyzed the possibility of closing sections of large department stores.

Harmful to the economy

Of the side retailer The Rope, which the organization was placed under the protection of the bankruptcy and insolvency act in February, the executive also hoped for a rapid resumption of activities.

“It is difficult to see that the good weather is coming and not be able to serve our customers. We could do it safely, ” says the CEO, Emmanuelle Ouimet.

“To see supermarkets sell their equipment, rather than encouraging local businesses, it hurts the economy. The Rope, there are 350 employees who can’t work, ” she continued.

The retailer Latulippe, the management responds to the Journal that the sales points are ready for an opening. She waits for the green light.

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