Victims of debris flow in Tajikistan were two shepherd

PHOTO : MIR / Nicholas kostyushin


Two people were killed in the East of Tajikistan, due to the mudflow. It was provoked by torrential rains, RIA “Novosti” press-Secretary of the Committee of emergency situations Umeda Yusufi.

“The mudflow descended Wednesday morning in Faizabad district, claimed the lives of two shepherds 50 and 14 years, were both caught up in the disaster in the pasture” she said.

Rescuers have found the bodies of the dead men and handed over to relatives.

Yusufi said that the authorities have repeatedly warned the population about mudslides.

“We have repeatedly warned the population about the threat of mudflows, but hardly anyone takes this into account,” said the spokesman.

Previously, in China an avalanche covered the ten people. Two of them suffered serious injuries.