Victoria Beckham had problems with the business

У Виктории Бекхэм возникли проблемы с бизнесом

The fact that the brand Victoria Beckham has increased the losses. So, last year sales fell by 18%. This was told by CEOS brand Director Ralph Toledano in an interview with BoF. Moreover, such a fall did not prevent even lower prices by 20-30% and a collaboration with major sports brand Reebok.

Says SEO, one of the reasons for this unprofitability may be a mismatch Beckham as a pop star and Beckham-designer. Fans of the group the Spice Girls may not be interested in a very high price tag at the same time with a minimalist aesthetic, Victoria Beckham, and consumers of luxury brands “do not want to buy things from kitsch pop singer”.

At the same time, Toledano stresses that the brand can be saved. It is necessary to develop a quality marketing strategy to create a pop-up story, arrange drops and collections to the attention of the media, reports

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