[VIDEO] A person does because surfing is lying on the pavement behind a bus of STM

[VIDÉO] Une personne fait du car surfing couchée sur la chaussée derrière un autobus de la STM

MONTREAL – a video showing A person lying on the public road at the rear of a bus of the STM is holding by the bumper of the vehicle and doing a few street corners in this way circulates this Saturday on social media.

From what we can see in this video with the title “When you miss the bus”, the hiking risky stunt woman ran behind a bus 24 on Sherbrooke street West, several intersections in the area of Park avenue.

The police Department of the City of Montreal is said to have taken cognizance of the video with its watchtower of the social networks. “It is extremely dangerous to do that and there could be consequences to such a gesture,” said the agent, officer Jean-Pierre Brabant.

Mr. Brabant added that this kind of practice is regarded as a surfing vehicle (car surfing) in the highway safety Code. A person who is recognised guilty is exposed in particular to 12 Demerit points and a fine of $ 1000 to $3000.

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) said also to have seen the video.

“I can’t tell you 100 % if this is a real video or a mounting, indicated to the QMI Agency Amélie Régis, in the evening, Saturday. If this is true, it is very deplorable that puts the safety of the young woman in the game.”

Ms. Régis said that the incident was not reported to the STM and the driver has not seen anything. She stressed that the inspectors of the STM are not empowered to intervene in such cases, it is the police who can do that.

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