VIDEO. And if you cook for your cat… and you ?

A cat. (Illustration) — REX Shutterstock/SIPA

No you’re not dreaming ! This is indeed a book of recipes for cats that have concocted the logs health Véronique Aïache, and author Laura Zuili. Don’t worry, not to destroy the men. The gourmet menus are available at each time in two versions : one for you, one for your four-legged companion, but based on the same ingredients.

“Meow Crab’cake”, “charisotto venere”, “steak Chtartare” or even a “Chira-Chat”… The dishes are varied and will help to preserve the good health of your cat. The authors, in fact, drew on the expertise of veterinarians to perform the dishes, including the distinction between kittens, indoor cats, outdoor, race, senior, or sterilized. To your furnace.

Recipes for my cat… and me ! By Véronique Aiache and Laura Zulli, photographs by Sandra Mahut, editions Marabout, 192 p, 16,90 €.

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