VIDEO. Carla Bruni denies to be output with Mick Jagger

Carla Bruni to London on September 28, 2017 — SSE/ZDS/WENN.COM/SIPA

Carla Bruni is placed by the emission of the radio host american Howard Stern, and then she had to answer to questions asked by Andy Cohen, he was asked which of his two former flirtations, Mick Jagger or
Eric Claptonembraced the better. Answer of the woman : “actually I do got out with Eric. It covers well and has a beard. “About Mick Jagger ? They were just ” good friends “, assured the former First lady.

Bye Bye NY 🌆🇺🇸 Thank you for everything, You were great as usual ❤️ Montreal, here I come ! To sometimes 😘 🇨🇦#frenchtouchontheroad 📸 by @yannorhan

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It’s been a long time that the rumor of a relationship between Carla Bruni and the singer of the Rolling Stones short. The singer had expressed on the subject for the first time this year, denying already the facts in an interview with Billboard. She has entrusted more or less the same thing on the set of Howard Stern, reminiscent of a beautiful friendship and not an affair.

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A friendship tender

Carla Bruni and Mick Jagger seem to be in any case be missed. The singer has taken on her latest album the song the Rolling Stones Miss You (” I miss You “, in English) while the voice of the Rolling Stones responded on Twitter : “I love the French twist you’ve made to the song. “

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I like the ‘French Touch’ you have given it @carlabruni #MissYou

— Mick Jagger (@MickJagger) June 21, 2017