VIDEO. China: photos comparing Africans to animals withdrawn from an exhibition

The dozen photos offending is part of an exhibition entitled ” this is Africa “. — Capture screen

A child who opens his mouth to the side ofa monkey, an adult that shows the teeth next to a lion… A chinese museum has been forced to take a series of photos comparing African and
animals, following protests from the continent, said on Friday the organisers. Fixtures, accused of racism, has attracted the wrath
social networks in Africa.

The dozen of photos complained of forms part ofan exhibition entitled “this is Africa” and shown for three weeks at the provincial Museum of Hubei in Wuhan city (center).

The photographer simply wanted to “show the harmony between man and the animal in Africa”

“To show our good will and our sincerity, we have replaced the photos that the african friends consider shocking,” explained the curator of the exhibition, Wang Yuejun.

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The exhibition is composed of a total of 150 photos taken by the photographer Yu Huiping, who has made several trips in Africa and “like very much” the continent, said Wang Yuejun. By performing these setups, the photographer had simply wanted to “show the harmony between man and the animal in Africa,” explained the curator of the exhibition. “There is no
discrimination in there “.

This is not the first time that China has been singled out for its lack of sensitivity to the racial issue. Last year,
a company laundry had to apologise after broadcasting a video showing a Chinese re-entering an African in a washing machine. The man was in the guise of an Asian…

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