VIDEO. Cities of the future: What is required to survive in the Paris of the day after tomorrow?

Human Sensor, the Aposematic Jacket and Oombrella. — Fashion Tech Festival/ Wezzo

  • A French start-up has devised an umbrella connected to be able to announce the rain.
  • A creator japanese imagined a jacket anti-aggression.
  • An artist has created a garment capable of measuring the quality of the air.

Finished the ready-to-wear, it’s the tech-to-wear ! Between the smart textiles, the clothing and the accessories connected via the sneakers self-laçantes Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, based on those of Marty Mc Fly in Back to the future), the tech-to-wear is here and it is no longer science-fiction. ”
The bridges between fashion and technology are becoming more frequent “, even explains Pascaline Wilhelm, fashion director at Première Vision, Salon du textile clothing. So, what it will look like our wardrobe to survive in the city of the future in 2050 ?

A brolly that predicts rain

There is no doubt that with the warming climate, which results in an increase of the precipitations during the winter, according to Meteo France, a
umbrella rain before it comes, will be very useful in the city of tomorrow.

The umbrella Oombrella i incorporates sensors which transform it into a real weather station. Connected via a chip in your smartphone, it is sharing their data in real-time with the community of the app weather Wezzo. The user receives notifications fifteen minutes before it rained. And if one strays too far from his umbrella, one receives a notification on his smartphone. So, it was Impossible to forget his umbrella ! Still in the prototype stage and developed by the French start-up Wezzo, Oombrella has been presented at the ces in Las Vegas in 2017. It should be on the market in early 2018 at a price of $ 79.

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The jacket that protects it from attacks

The streets of the city of 2050 will be more secure than in 2017 ? If in doubt, as to wear a jacket to be prepared for any aggression. TheAposematic Jacket, presented last June by the Japanese Shinseungback Kimyonghun on the occasion of the
Fashion Tech Festival, is equipped with a video surveillance system portable. With multiple lenses connected to cameras, this jacket filming the scene of aggression in 360 degrees and sends it on the Web. It may also issue a warning signal ‘ I can record you “. Anything to deter the aggressor !

The clothing away from the pollution

The pollution will be one of the major challenges of cities in 2050. Kasia Molga presented during the Fashion Tech festival,
Human Sensor, a garment that collects, analyzes, and projects onto its surface from information relating to the quality of the air. When the air is pure, the cells that make up the surface of the garment oscillate between white and blue.

When the pollution arises, the clothing turns red. Informed, the wearer of the garment, those that cross and also the rest of the world, since the data are broadcast in real time on the Web, will be able to move out of the area at risk.

On the same principle, the dress Peace of Galina Mihaleva captures the noise pollution of a city. The data collected appears on the dress through a light pattern composed of LEDS. This dress invites its wearer to get away from the hustle and bustle of the modern urban and regain serenity. The height of luxury in the city of 2050 !