VIDEO. Craig David responds to rumors of homosexuality

The singer Craig David — WENN

Craig David did not hesitate to answer in the podcast of the Sun, called
Weird Life when the journalist told him about the rumors of homosexuality surrounding his career ever since his debut. For the singer, it makes ” no sense “.

“I let (this) be very open, because, in the end, I find that this is one of those things that I should not have to say, go and say, “I’m heterosexual”, because it has no meaning. (…) The only person that really matters is the one with whom I have a relationship and that I know “, he answered, adding that his songs speak for themselves, to know their sexual orientation.

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Ready to start a family

Craig David welcomes, however, the openness present on the sexual orientation of people, and thank “the Internet and social networks” for ” to have really open dialogue “.

If he is currently single, Craig David has, however, very much want to ask. “It would be wonderful to share my life with someone. I would like to have children. I think I would be a good father and I think I have a lot of wisdom to be shared, ” he confided. On the other hand, this is not about Tinder that can be crossed for a possible appointment, he prefers to meet people in person.

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