Video games: good or bad?

Jeux vidéo: bons ou mauvais?

MONTREAL – hundreds of gamers close to just the eye, this weekend at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, where more than$ 40,000 in prizes are at stake in a competition, which does, however, raise several questions in the era where cases of cyberdépendance increase.

Sponsored by the energy drink Red Bull, this event, which targets young people aged 13 to 30 years, there is nothing unhealthy, assure-t-on the side of the organization.

“People come from the four corners of Quebec between friends. It really is a trip of a gang,” insisted Catherine Le Jossec, a student of engineering in information technology from the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), who is behind this “Lan Party”.

Of the advantages of playing

The cyberdépendants, those who go about their occupation everyday to play, to be, in fact, very few at this kind of convention, according to Stephanie Harvey, who is one of the few in Quebec to have made his hobby his livelihood.

Retired after a lucrative career which has taken her to the four corners of the world, it is considered that there are more benefits to video games than the opposite, but is concerned that it is a focus on what goes wrong.

“Children who grow up in an environment with video games develop dexterity, problem management, habits of seeing. They learn new languages, to work in a team. When it is competitive, the players develop discipline,” has listed the one that plays more ‘than five hours per day” today.

Stephanie Harvey think that the competition of video games, e-gaming, compares to any sport. Parents should encourage their children to be successful and the e-gaming has made its place in the school, ” she says.

Not all are of this opinion. Last fall, the opening of a first program of e-gaming in format sports-studies has led to debate in the national Assembly.

“This is a false problem, responded Stephanie Harvey. On the contrary, mentoring the students at the school in the video game, it teaches them to eat well, to sleep well to perform better. It supports them in their studies.”

On-site assistance

Anyway, the organizers of this “Lan Party” does not deny that some players can have problems. For the first time in 18 years of existence, a stakeholder in cyberdépendance had a booth on-site.

“There are a lot of performance anxiety here because of the importance of price. It is important that we are there, in the same way that a hockey team is going to have someone to talk”, commented on Gabriel Girard, initiator of the project “Stakeholder Game”.

The video game, however, is not the problem in and of itself, it is the use that one makes of it, he, however, required to qualify.

“For me, the game saved my life. When I moved, I was alone, I touched the bottom. Playing online with my friends, it allowed me to talk to them about my problems. They were far and close at the same time,” said Gabriel Girard.

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