VIDEO. “Meyerowitz stories: Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler and Dustin Hoffman attempts to make their movie on Netflix

Dustin Hoffman and Ben Stiller in The Meyerowitz Stories of Noah Baumbach — Netflix France

  • “The Meyerowitz stories”, production Netflix, has been selected to Cannes.
  • This story of family fun thanks to its actors and accomplices.
  • It is a theatrical release in the United States but will not come out in France.

The Meyerowitz stories of
Noah Baumbach has made a scandal at the Cannes film festival. Not for the shocking nature of this family comedy starring
Ben Stiller,
Adam Sandler and
Dustin Hoffman , but because this production
Netflix (available to subscribers on the platform SVOD as early as this Friday) had short-circuited the traditional channels of distribution to meet directly on the platform and had, therefore, nothing to do in a film Festival.

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Boycotted at Cannes

The operators have downright
boycotted its projection , as this chronicle of two brothers and their dad far-fetched was not called to be projected in their rooms. Okja of
Bong Joon-ho has experienced the same treatment, despite a hero’s welcome by the public and the
critical. The issues back then. Is this a movie or not ? Without a doubt, yes. Deserved such a reproach ? Probably not.

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AND Friday, there are “The Meyerowitz Stories” on Netflix !!!!!!!!

— roman-dup (@RDupeyras) October 11, 2017
No worries in the United States

Adam Sandler explained to 20 Minutes in may of last year that this kind of discussions, there were no courses in the United States. “This kind of issues seems incredible because we don’t have the same rules as in France. It would be unthinkable for us to be indignant at the mode of distribution of a film. The key is that it is seen, ” confirms his partner Ben Stiller, all surprised to hear about the
chronology of the media which governs the distribution of films in France.

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#cannes2017 Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler, duo. @20Minutes

— Vié Caroline (@Caroklouk) May 21, 2017
Awarded in Cannes

This fantasy has more than one trick in his sleeve to entertain many spectators. The benefits are intertwined and the trio of actors and accomplices would have been able to create a desire for the jury to Pedro Almodóvar to take precedence over the film. If this has not been the case, The Meyerowitz stories is not, however, walked away empty-handed from the Cannes film Festival. Bruno, the poodle-white film has won the
Palm Dog award for the best performance dog of the event. Woof !

The Cannes Palm Dog for 2017 is Bruno from ‘The Meyerowitz Stories via @scroll_in

— Palm Dog Awards (@PalmDog2018) May 26, 2017