VIDEO. “”Mindhunter explores the minds of serial killers,” sums up Jonathan Groff

Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany in the series, ” Mindhunter “. — Patrick Harbron/Netflix

  • “Mindhunter “, the series from David Fincher, is available on Netflix this Friday. It follows the emergence of the job of a profiler in the America of the 1970s.
  • 20 Minutes met with Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany, the two heroes of this “buddy movie” in ten episodes.
  • “The show wants to show that serial killers are not supervilains but the result of a sad and complicated mess of a human being,” says Jonathan Groff.

A psychological thriller as powerful as captivating. Adaptation novel of the trial of Mark Olshaker and FBI agent John Douglas, thehas series David Fincher, Mindhunter, available on Netflix this Friday, following the emergence of the job of a profiler, in the America of the 1970s. A rigorous examination of the psyche of serial killers through the fate of two FBI agents, Holden Ford and Bill Tench. Meeting with
Jonathan Groff and
Holt McCallany, the two stars of this “buddy movie” in ten episodes.

What is it that you want to play in “Mindhunter” ?

Jonathan Groff – When my agent sent me the script, it was a ” yes ” immediately. First, because I am such a fan of David Fincher and also because the story was so unique and complex.

Holt McCallany – I played in the first film by David Fincher, Alien 3 and in the cult film Fight Club, but this was only in small roles. There, he proposed to me one of the two main roles ! We are long-time friends and it really touched me. I have so much respect for his talent, his intelligence and his passion. The fact that I have chosen is a great honor. This is one of the greatest directors in the world and in truth, all the actors dream of working with him.

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Tell us about your characters ?

Jonathan Groff – Without spoiling too much, the path to that course Holden Ford in season 1 is exciting. This character lives in a kind of mental alertness and sexual and at the same time, he finds himself in the face of sexual killers. All this seemed to me very interesting and unique. He is ready to do anything to satisfy his curiosity, his need to understand. Holden is the starting point of a change within the FBI led by J. Edgar Hoover, it brings this idea that people who are the devil incarnate may have something to offer if one sits down in front of them and pretended empathy.

Holt McCallany – When we discover Bill Tench, he forgot why he had become an FBI agent. He became instructor to be away from his family, his colleagues. When Holden Ford appears in my life, it is full of energy, it is full of ideas. At first, he resists, because he has twenty years of shop and that he knows that the FBI, things move slowly. Thanks to Holden, he will remember why he is doing this job.

Just your duo is reminiscent of the ” Buddy Movie “…

Holt McCallany – There has been a lot of duets at the cinema with an old and a young cop : in Seven with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, Colors with Robert Duvall and Sean Penn, and Training Day with Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke… In truth, it is essential not to think of these films that I loved. It is necessary to discover what is interesting between this young man and me. I hope that you have found this alchemy.

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Jonathan Groff – Holden and Bill are also different from one another as Holt and I are. The series is so intense, the theme, so black, that the relationship between Holden and Bill brings a kind of breathing. It was very fun to discover it and play with that dynamic.

How have you prepared for this series ?

Jonathan Groff – I also reviewed the films of David Fincher. My character is inspired by John E. Douglas, so I read his book, of course. I was a novice in the matter of a serial killer and I was very much troubled. I had to rest, and then resume… We regularly interact with John E. Douglas. One of the strengths of the series is to show how his ideas were new, the term “serial killer” did not exist at the time. There was a kind of parallel between me, a kind of novice, and my character, I have evolved and learned with my character.

Holt McCallany – I’ve read all the books of John E. Douglas. I called because I wanted to meet him. It is a legend in the FBI. He invited me to spend a weekend with him. There has been much discussion of its investigations, criminals he has crossed. My character is based on a FBI agent who is called Robert Ressler, who passed away in 2013. I have also read his books. I went to Quantico, the Academy of the FBI, where I met agents who are currently working in the Behavioral Science Unit (BSU). I did research on serial killers and on the context of the 1970s. In short, I’ve done a lot of research and it has not stopped since !

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How do you explain this fascination for serial killers ?

Holt McCallany – The subject is very complicated. People have difficulties to understand that a human being can commit these crimes unimaginable, sadistic and brutal. It is obviously fascinated by those who are very different from us.

Jonathan Groff – Yes, I believe that it is the desire to understand the unimaginable.

Beyond serial killers, Mindhunter, is it not also a reflection on american society ?

Holt McCallany – The series takes place after Watergate and the Vietnam war, she speaks of this moment in american society.

Jonathan Groff – The show wants to show that serial killers are not supervilains but the result of a sad and complicated mess of a human being. It is about exploring the mind of these criminals, but also the cultural context of the 1970s, the end of the era of Hoover, David Fincher wanted to explore these aspects of America.