VIDEO. Omar Sy about Zemmour: “It is no longer necessary that he be invited because he’s a criminal”

Omar Sy would be the personality favorite of the French, according to the latest rankings from the Fifg for the JDD carried out last August. — LAURENT BENHAMOU/SIPA

Omar Sy is tucked up against Eric Zemmour. Guest of the broadcast ” Hello France “ this Thursday, the actor commented on the treatment given to the statements of the polemicist in the media.

The facilitator Daphne Bürki wanted to respond to the last words of the former resident of “It is not lying” against it. Eric Zemmour had explained that it was “flattering to be treated horn with a horn” on the set of “C to you” on 10 October, responding to the invective of the actor in 2016. The one who is known for his roles in the SAV emissions and
Untouchable said : “We see those who sell books today, those who are number 1, those who are vomiting things.

Today, there is the vomit that is sold by thousands, and it is the danger, and that’s what I want to say stop “, an apparent reference to Eric Zemmour called ” guignol “. And in his bestseller The suicide French, one of the biggest commercial success of recent years in France.

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The actor has dabbled at it repeat over and over again this favor. Explaining : “I did not want to respond. […] It makes the provoc’ for the provoc’. […] Daphne, unwittingly, you are back in his system to him. We are talking again about him. It returns to its extract and it is present in the media day after day. There is no need to it is invited because it is a criminal. He was convicted for incitement to hatred. “

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After this new rant, perhaps there will soon be an act IV between the two men, Omar Sy who had completed her demonstration by this punchline : “I don’t want to be dragged in the mud with the pigs. “