VIDEO. Say hello to Keecker, the robot, the media that has eaten a tv

From a height of 38 cm, Keecker can project. Even some on the ceiling. — KEECKER

  • After 5 years of development (and three years behind the initial plan), the robot multimedia Keecker is launched in France.
  • Motorized, video projector Android wants to play the companions multimedia for the whole family.
  • If it is still very expensive, Keecker is still dreaming. And it does that to evolve…

It is a big ball of 38 cm of height. And it follows you like a puppy. Beethoven, the return ? No, Keecker, the arrival ! How to set
Keecker ? As a projector mobile ? Without a doubt. “The idea for Keecker came to me five years ago, the force of “suffering” personal with my tv, its cable and its connections. Even being a little geek, I thought it was impossible ! “, remembers Pierre Lebeau, the founder and CEO of Keecker.

Plan and play on the ceiling

For the former Google (in particular Google Analytics), the idea was to invent an ” object of combining a big part of the technological needs of the house.” The sheep has five legs ?

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“It had to be able to do it anywhere in our interiors, and with a real quality,” adds Pierre Lebeau. Therefore, projector on wheels. But not that. In Android TV, Keecker displays TV shows and downloaded videos on your hard drive or streaming (it is connected in Wifi). But he can project them anywhere : on a wall or ceiling. For cause : the optics is motorized.

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Thus we can view a feature film, head in the air, sprawled on his bed, watching a video, YouTube or play a game on the wall of his room, consult a recipe on the fridge door, etc

Look at the stars with a dedicated application, or their favorite videos lying down… – KEECKER


Count to 60 cm distance to an image distance of 1 meter base to a minimum.

Voice recognition and camera 360°

To move Keecker from one room to the other, in one of three ways : wear it (it only weighs 8 kg), he told to go into the kitchen (it has a system of speech recognition), where the directing of the tip of the index finger on the screen of his smartphone. For this last option, one will have previously left the robot to map its interior, a bit like some vacuums robot. The comparison is not innocent : like the latter, Keecker will also only be recharged on its base to make the full of energy. Its creator announces a battery life of 6 hours projector on (with the sound in background “), or 3 days if you only use Keecker to listen to music. We welcome, moreover, the quality of the sound delivered by three speakers and a subwoofer with a fisheries degree.

Three speakers and a subwoofer deliver powerful sound. – KEECKER


Roly-poly (it seems that its first-time buyers give it a name !), Roly-poly, therefore, also acts as a speaker to Bluetooth, and may issue in Bluetooth. This can be practical for headphone listening. The icing on the robot : it has a camera 360° allowing it to be used for conducting conferences by video, and even, to monitor its interior at a distance.

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The half of the original price

You have to admit that Keecker would make a strong impression at the foot of the christmas tree ! Sold 1.790 € * (with a hard drive of 32 Gb) or 1.990 € (160 Gb), Keecker will be without doubt a new friend in the cottages, but alas not in all the cottages. At this price, the integration of a DVD/Blu-ray could be an option appreciated. Wanting to register her baby ” in the future “, Pierre Lebeau didn’t want them. A device well in his time would have preferred Full HD simple HD, when even a little has been… It will be recalled that, originally, the robot had to be launched at the end of 2014… between 3,000 and 4,000 euros, and with less functions. Remains a concept unusual, and more is a frenchman, decidedly family friendly, and necessarily evolutionary in the framework of a connected home. Future updates helping, Keecker will no doubt be new secrets to us to deliver…

* now sold exclusively at BHV Rivoli, and on the site Keecker.