Video trapée, debate missed… The FN is in between the two towers, he followed a strategy of lose?

Collage Sipa/20 Minutes with the candidates François Fillon (The Republicans) and Marine Le Pen (FN) — Collage Sipa/20 Minutes

  • “Obs” shows this Thursday as the national Front had planned to broadcast a video to make a call to the voters of François Fillon for the second round of the presidential election.
  • This video has never been published, that of the frames FN have attributed today to Florian Philippot.

The mess in between the two towers has been total. After the revelations about the lack of preparation of Marine Le Pen before the televised debate in the face of Emmanuel Macron, The Obs wrote on Thursday that the national Front intended to launch an appeal to the voters of François Fillon. Marine Le Pen had to invite them, in the video, vote for it on 7 may 2017, just as she had done for the voters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, on the 28th of April last. But
this video has never been turned.

? My call to the dissenters : do dam with Macron !#DangerMacron

— Marine Le Pen (@MLP_officiel) April 28, 2017

The surveys felt at the time that a third of the voters who voted for François Fillon in the first round said they were ready to choose the candidate of the extreme right in the second, compared to only about 15% of the supporters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. So why Marine Le Pen did it not addressed directly to the fillonistes in between the two towers ?

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Lack of time…

According to party officials cited by The Obs, this “strategic mistake” is the fact that Florian Philippot, ex-number two of the FN. Fake, meet his supporters. Maxime Thiébaut, who co-founded The Patriots with him, had even posted on Twitter a screenshot of a mail where Florian Philippot up the video “to the Fillon” in the to-do-list of the candidate.

For silencing the haters : @F_Philippot to the origin of the Whirlpool and the 2 videos JLM and FF (private items are hidden).

— Maxime Thiébaut (@MaximeThiebaut) October 12, 2017

“We wanted to do that, but we have not had the time. It was necessary to manage the rally of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. During a campaign, we have a thousand ideas and no time to implement them all, ” defends Maxime Thiébaut. An argument, however, surprising that, in view of the stakes of the election. These revelations are aimed, according to him, “denigrate” Florian Philippot. As for the video, it would not have had in his opinion a major impact on the outcome of the second round. “The real impact, it is the debate. There has been a problem and this is not a case of video. “

A video that would have changed the situation ?

For a frame frontiste cited by The Obs, yet it is an ” error of major policy between the two towers “. According to him, Marine Le Pen would never have had to concentrate its efforts on the Unsubdued after the first round of the presidential election. “He would have had to speak to the voters of François Fillon. It was what he needed to do. “”Any elector of the right that defined itself as a gaullist could not fail to appreciate the program to Navy, there was, therefore, automatically a report of voices,” abounds Maxime Thiébaut.

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In fact, according to a survey Ipsos Steria carried out in the aftermath of the second round, Marine Le Pen (33.9% of the vote) would have benefited from the vote of 20 % of the electorate of François Fillon, compared to only 7 % of the electorate of the leader of France insubordinate. In this case, why not have released this video call to fillonistes in the optical amplifier of this report ? The frontistes and philipportistes each have their own version. Of all ways, “Marine Le Pen had not had a reservoir of votes,” slice Emmanuelle mistress of conferences in political science at the university of Montpellier.