[VIDEO] “Tuna Tatar featured in an ad for tuna

[VIDÉO] «Tuna» Tatar en vedette dans une pub de thon

You know without a doubt that Tomas Tatar is nicknamed “Tuna”.

In honor of the nickname of the attacker of the Canadian of Montreal, the restaurant KÜTO, specializing in the tartars, called his new dish “The Tuna Tatar Signature”.

The Slovak is also featured in the advertising launched this week to promote it.

For those who don’t know, a Tatar is nicknamed “Tuna” (“tuna” in French) since his first steps in the national hockey League (NHL) with the Detroit Red Wings in 2010.

“It just came to Tomas Holmstrom in Detroit, he told in interview to the Newspaper after its acquisition by the CH in 2018. He baptized me “Tuna”. It was a perfect play on words with my last name. I have always enjoyed the tartars, either tuna, salmon or beef. But as soon as I order a steak at a restaurant, I know that my teammates will laugh at me.”

This is the nickname the most original of all the NHL, according to the latest survey of the Association of the players.

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