[VIDEO] “We will get through it all together” – Phillip Danault

[VIDÉO] «On va passer au travers tous ensemble» - Phillip Danault

The pride of Victoriaville, Phillip Danault, has responded to the call of prime minister François Legault : he invites all the youth to follow the recommendations of the government of Quebec about the pandemic of COVID-19 and staying at home.

“I love you. We don’t, we’ll get through it all together,” said the number 24 of the Montreal canadiens, in a forced vacation since the 12th of march, on which date the NHL season has been indefinitely suspended because of the sars coronavirus.

Tuesday afternoon, the chief caquiste called artists, athletes and other public figures that resonate with young people to do their part to spread his message, and not the virus.

Danault is in addition to Coeur de Pirate, Mikaël Kingsbury, Marie-Mai and Kevin and Raphael, to name just a few, who have quickly joined forces to engage young people and make them understand the importance of reducing the risk of spread.

He also invited his young fans to be creative in their way to spend their time in confinement. A contest will be soon announced on his Twitter page and Instagram.

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