Vietnam: dismantling of a network of online games illegal, estimated at $ 3.5 billion

Vietnam: démantèlement d'un réseau de jeux en ligne illégaux estimé à 3,5 milliards $

HANOI | The vietnamese police announced they had dismantled a giant network of online games, which generated more than $ 3.5 billion in revenue, the largest operation of this type in Vietnam, where games of chance are very popular, but for the most part prohibited.

The site “No Hu” — “break the piggy bank” — was extremely popular in the communist country hypercontrôlé, where the public is addicted to online betting, whether on smartphone or on PC.

Launched in 2018, this platform offered multiple betting games that generated revenues “absolutely huge… for a total value estimated at $ 2.6 billion US, according to a report published by the official organ of the police of Hanoi.

To avoid online transactions, so players would have to purchase credits from agents “No Hu” scattered by the hundreds in the streets of the capital.

They would redistribute the gains to the winners in cash and granting of “loans” to the losers to condition of mortgaging his motorcycle or other objects of value.

The police counted several million users of this game and “the transactions reported approximately US $ 110 million per month,” says the report.

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Sixteen people have been arrested, dozens of mobile phones and atm cards seized, and on Friday the website was disabled.

“I lost so much money playing on this site. You can win at the beginning, but the more you play, the more you lose,” explained a player to the AFP, asking to remain anonymous.

The communist government has recently begun to loosen its monopoly on games of chance, opening casinos as an experiment and by permitting certain sports betting.

In July 2019, nearly 400 Chinese had been arrested in connection with raffles and online sports betting targeting the chinese customers.

In the same year, in another case, dozens of Vietnamese, including senior police officials had been jailed for having them organized online betting.

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