Vietnamese convicted of the murder of his brother, Kim Jong-UN, released

PHOTO : MIR / Marina Grekova


Malaysian authorities have released a woman convicted in the murder of half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN – Kim Jong-Nam, reports “WORLD 24”.

A citizen of Vietnam Doanh thi Huong will fly home in the next few hours. Today she left prison, where he spent more than two years.

Two girls were arrested in February 2017, after the attack on the brother of the head of the DPRK. At the airport of Kuala Lumpur they threw on his face scarf. It was later revealed that he was soaked with nerve poison.

Kim Jong-Nam was taken to the hospital, where he died. And girls charged with premeditated murder. But they argued that just participated in a Comedy reality show.

Another defendant, a citizen of Indonesia, was released in March.