Violence at a rally of the extreme right, Trump criticized

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    Sunday, 13 August, 2017 01:07

    Sunday, 13 August, 2017 01:07

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    A gathering of right-wing movements americans has degenerated into violence that left one dead and dozens injured Saturday in Charlottesville (Virginia), sparking a controversy after a decision ambiguous position of the president Donald Trump.

    One of the victims is a 32 year old woman who was killed when a car was dark, deliberately, according to witnesses, in a crowd of counter-demonstrators who oppose a gathering unit of the radical right-wing american neo-nazi, white supremacist, Ku Klux Klan (KKK), until the right alternative, or Alt Right, at least some of whom had supported Donald Trump in the presidential election.

    In addition, two police officers are dead in the crash of their helicopter on the outskirts of the city, without that a link is established between the accident and the violence.

    Clashes between protesters from both sides were multiplied, before the gathering of Charlottesville, and finally cancelled by the authorities of this small historic city of the eastern United States.

    The us president, Donald Trump has condemned the violence of the Charlottesville area, without pronouncing on the responsibility of one or the other camps in attendance.

    “We condemn in the strongest terms possible this enormous demonstration of hate, bigotry and violence from various parties,” he said from his golf course in Bedminster (New Jersey), where he spent his holidays.

    In seeming to return back-to-back the two camps, the american president has provoked outrage among Democrats but also a feeling of malaise among Republicans, his own party.

    “Hatred and division must stop and they must stop immediately,” quipped the president. Questioned by journalists, he refused to condemn specifically the movements of the extreme right.

    The democrat Hillary Clinton, beaten by Mr. Trump in the presidential election of 2016, has been criticized without naming it. “Every minute that we allow this to continue by tacit encouragement or inaction is a disgrace and a danger to our values,” she tweeted.

    The republican senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, is he also responded on Twitter. “Very important for the nation to hear the president describe the events of Charlottesville for what they are, a terrorist attack carried out by white-supremacist “.

    Obama quotes Mandela

    The ex-us president Barack Obama is taken out of its reserve by quoting Nelson Mandela: “one is not born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his origin, or his religion “.

    In the evening, the minister of Justice Jeff Sessions denounced ” the intolerance and racial hatred “. The violence of Charlottesville ” betray our core values and cannot be tolerated “, he said.

    The FBI, the federal police, announced the opening of an investigation into the circumstances in which the car rammed into the crowd, killing the young 32 year old woman and wounding 19 other people.

    The driver of the vehicle was placed in custody and the police are dealing with the facts as a ” homicide criminal “, said the chief of police of Charlottesville, Al Thomas.

    According to CNN, the suspect, James Alex Fields Jr, 20 years old, a native of Ohio, has been charged with murder, injury and hit-and-run.

    “I was walking in the street when a car, a sedan, or black to grey, we went over, it has smashed into all the world. And then she backed down and we had yet encountered, ” said a witness to the AFP.

    “A girl on the ground was mutilated. It was voluntary, they purposely turn back, ” said another man who had witnessed the scene.

    Fifteen other people were injured at other times of the demonstrations and counter-demonstrations.

    The announcement of this gathering of right-wing movements, who wanted to denounce the project of dismantling the statue of a general of the south and favorable to the slavery of the Civil war, aroused the greatest fears.

    It was one of the most important of this sphere of influence policy for at least a decade, with hundreds of participants, according to the national anti-racist organisations.

    From the beginning of the day, many demonstrators carrying semi-automatic weapons, as allowed by law in Virginia. And before the first skirmishes very violent, the local authorities declared the state of emergency and the prohibition of the gathering.

    Flags confederate and nazi salute

    Many of the supporters of the extreme right, held aloft flags of the confederates, and that many Americans see it as a symbol of racism. Some were doing the nazi salute.

    The militant anti-racists waving flags of the movement Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest regularly against the deaths of Black victims of excessive use of force by the police.

    They were chanting slogans like “We say no to fear racist” or ” No nazis, no KKK, no fascist USA “.

    In the late afternoon, the center of Charlottesville was practically deserted apart from a strong presence of security forces.

    In the evening, the governor of Virginia, attacked the far-right groups. “I have a message for all the white supremacist and the nazi’s who came today to Charlottesville. Our message is simple and clear. Go home. You are not welcome in this beautiful community, ” he said.

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