Violinists poisoned not “Navikom” – Daily Mail

The British newspaper does not inform, where did she get such data.

Скрипалів отруїли не "Новчиком" - Daily Mail

British daily newspaper Daily Mail, not revealing their own sources, reported that during the attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in Salisbury, the British had used poisonous substance, which is not a “Beginner”, reports Rus.Media.

It is for this reason the victims were able to survive because of the applied poison has such a big scale event like the “Newbie”. The report notes that the modification of the nerve poison was designed specifically to poisoned for 4 hours to allow the criminals who poisoned the Violin, to hide.

At the same time, the British media reported that the plan of the criminals did not, as they were counting on the death of the Violinists, and the doctors of great Britain were able to save the victims and, moreover, to put the last one on the feet.

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