Virginia wants to legalize sexual relations outside of marriage

La Virginie veut légaliser les relations sexuelles hors mariage

The lovers and lovers of all acabits should soon be able to engage in consensual sexual relations outside marriage in Virginia without risking to be hit by a fine.

It is a relic of a time when customs were more modest, the law of the State of Virginia, in the United States, now prohibits the couples to give free rein to their passions, if they are not united by the sacred ties of marriage.

More specifically, the article of the law 18.2-344 of the Code of Virginia provides that a person who indulges in fornication, is guilty of a misdemeanor of class 4 and is liable to a fine of US $ 250. However, it goes without saying that this rule is no longer applied these days.

“It is a law stupid. This is crazy. Nobody should expect to be prosecuted for this common practice,” said the channel to Fox News, the delegate democrat Mark Levine, who has introduced a bill to send to the rancard the regulation exceeded.

The law on the fortification had already been deemed unconstitutional by the supreme Court of Virginia in 2005, but remained within the Code of the State.

Virginia is not the only State where lovers should be wary of. Idaho and North Carolina have also still a similar law.

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