Virtual reality in your home

De la réalité virtuelle dans votre résidence

Travel you need ? Here is a novel idea to see the country differently. In a few hours, I was able to climb to the summit of mount Everest and accompany astronauts in their preparations for a trip to space, thanks to a new video service virtual reality in the home established by the Phi Centre.

Baptized PHI VR TO GO, and available until September, this service offers the possibility to deliver in-home virtual reality headset Oculus GO in which have been downloaded a dozen films. I tried it and, despite some misgivings that I felt in respect of virtual reality, I was won over.

Our reporter has tried the service of virtual reality home-PHI VR TO GO.

The famous helmet came to the house on a Friday afternoon, accompanied by a manual simple on how to use such a device (handy for a novice like me) and a programme of films on offer. Rental time : about 48 hours. Pandemic requires, the Phi Centre emphasizes on its website that to avoid any risk of contamination, the helmet is disinfected with a process that is ultra-violet after each rental.


A variable duration (between 7 and 20 minutes), the films that are immersive which have been previously downloaded into the helmet cover a wider spectrum. The most spectacular of the lot is certainly the documentary of the Everest which takes the viewer to the summit of Everest, following the journey of a group of climbers. Hard not to be amazed by the landscapes which pass before our eyes in 360 degrees. A glance down gives the vertigo.

In a completely different genre, the film Alegria, performed by the studio québécois Félix & Paul, made me discover some extracts from the famous Cirque du Soleil show in being practically glued to the artists. Impressive.

Alegria makes us see from another angle the world-famous Cirque du Soleil show.”>

The film Alegria makes us see from another angle the world-famous Cirque du Soleil show.

The film Space Explorers, also created by Felix & Paul, plunges the viewer into the daily lives of eight astronauts who are preparing for a trip into space.

The service PHI VR TO GO is not given (about $ 60, shipping included), but it offers the public a unique opportunity to experience virtual reality in a simple way and fun in the comfort of his living room.

For more details on the service-PHI VR TO GO, you can visit the website of the Centre Phi ( Since June 23, the public can also retrieve the helmets directly at the Phi Centre, instead of having them delivered.

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