Virus: Pompeo said he is worried about the security in several laboratories chinese

Virus: Pompeo se dit inquiet de la sécurité dans plusieurs laboratoires chinois

The United States, who wondered whether the new coronavirus is accidentally from a research institute in Wuhan, China, expressed on Wednesday their concern about the safety of many other laboratories chinese, suggesting the need to conduct international inspections.

The administration of Donald Trump spoke last week to an “investigation” to dig up the thesis of a coronavirus natural studied in the Institute of virology of Wuhan that would be contaminated by accident, an employee of the laboratory before spreading in this city considered as the cradle of the current pandemic.

This possibility, first mentioned in news articles, has been disproved by the laboratory concerned and is not supported for the moment on nothing very tangible. But it has found considerable coverage in the american statements.

“It is necessary to have in mind that these labs are always open, in China. These laboratories where pathogens complexes that form the subject of research, it is not only the Institute of virology of Wuhan, what are many laboratories in the interior of China, ” said Wednesday the head of the american diplomacy Mike Pompeo.

“It is important that these materials be handled safely, securely, to avoid any accidental spread “, he added. “We need to ensure that the chinese government in handling these materials properly, not only to the Institute of virology of Wuhan, but also everywhere else. ”

He compared this situation to that of nuclear power, which provides that ” the world inspects the sites to ensure good management “. “It is always easier to know if these laboratories meet the regulations and operate safely and correctly, these materials, if the world can have access to the websites, and if they share the information in an open and transparent manner,” insisted Mike Pompeo, first in line to denounce the “concealment” alleged in Beijing on the severity of the epidemic.

“We still don’t have a sample of the virus, and the world has still not had access to this site or other places of Wuhan, where the virus may have found its origin “, he lamented.

According to most scientists, the coronavirus has probably been transmitted to humans by an animal. A market of Wuhan was jailed, because he would have sold the animals live wild. But the presence of this Institute of virology fueling speculation about a run since these sensitive installations.

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