Virus: the governor of New York will speak about the controversy of the tests with Trump

Virus: le gouverneur de New York parlera de la polémique des tests avec Trump

The governor of the State of New York, alternating criticism and compliments with Donald Trump since the beginning of the epidemic, said on Thursday that he would speak of the problem of testing abilities at their meeting Tuesday, the subject of controversy between the governors of the States and the american president.

Mr. Trump says that the States now have everything you need to perform tests on a large scale, a necessary condition to evaluate precisely the extent of the pandemic, and then restart the economic activities.

But the governors of many States, including Mr. Cuomo, belie and are seeking assistance from the federal government to obtain the necessary supplies from manufacturers, in the United States or abroad.

“It is a bit of a dialogue of the deaf,” said Mr. Cuomo. “I understand the argument of the federal government, that it depends on the States, and I think it largely depends on States. Except that the federal government makes us all a presentation on what he does in the field of testing […] So coordinating who is doing what “.

The democratic governor Andrew Cuomo has gained in popularity with the pandemic that hit New York more than any other u.s. State, with about one-third of the more than 42, 000 deaths identified in the United States.

A lot of democrats and public health experts have praised his management of the crisis and its efforts of pedagogy and clarity, in contrast with the press sometimes more confused by the republican president.

Asked Tuesday at a press briefing on how he would handle this encounter potentially difficult, the first between these two new yorkers since the beginning of the crisis, Mr. Cuomo replied: “The life is delicate, be to the government is difficult. I’ll tell you how I manage the delicate things: I am telling the truth […] since the first day. And besides, he [Trump] does the same. ”

Mr. Cuomo has not indicated whether he would be discussing financial aid with the president. For days he as the mayor of New York city are demanding that the u.s. Senate, republican majority, decides on a plan, giving billions of dollars of direct aid to States most affected.

The State as the city of New York expect a huge tax gap due to the termination of economic activities — more than $ 7 billion for the city, more than $ 15 billion for the State — which could lead to a drastic reduction in public services in the coming months.

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