Virus: the Venezuela for the first time surpasses the 1 000 cases per day

Virus: le Venezuela dépasse pour la première fois les 1 000 cas par jour

Venezuela has for the first time exceeded the threshold of 1,000 cases of contamination coronavirus in 24 hours, the government announced on Tuesday.

Some 1 138 new cases of contamination were recorded between Monday and Tuesday, for a total of 27 938 cases, said the minister of Communication and Information, Jorge Rodríguez.

The epidemic of coronavirus has officially 238 dead from the beginning of the pandemic.

The country, which is facing an acceleration of the contamination, not counted there are still nine days less than 20 000 cases.

This official assessment, however, is questioned by the opposition or non-governmental organizations such as Human Rights Watch, who believe that it is far below the reality in this country in the crisis of 30 million people.

The president of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro has extended Sunday the”state of alert” set to 30 days because of the outbreak of coronavirus, which allows it to extend the quarantine is in force since march.

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