Visa will open cryptanalytic unit

The company began to look for a new Manager.

Visa відкриє криптовалютний підрозділ

Visa doesn’t want to stand in the side of the cryptocurrency market. Recently, the Corporation began to look for a new Manager – someone who will lead a dedicated Department and will be responsible for the implementation of the development strategy of the direction. Following the announcement, to raise cryptomelane virgin will closely with a team of Visa Research, informs Rus.Media.

The applicant must have fundamental knowledge of the ecosystems of cryptanalytic and the major players in the market, as well as to perform outreach functions: must be able to explain complex concepts to a wide audience, both internal and external partners.

That Visa will work with cryptocurrency, the CEO of the company said back in October 2018. Then he noted that Visa will start to move in this market as soon as it becomes mainstream. And expressed confidence that the global cryptocurrency fashion in no way pose a threat to the company. At least as long as the monetary authorities of most countries confer on her the status of a commodity and not a payment instrument.

Note that Visa in this case is not a pioneer. In January, JP Morgan Chase, the largest Bank in the United States, announced the release of a digital asset JPM Coin based on blackchain. It is also known that Facebook plans to integrate cryptocurrencies WhatsApp users to be able to run an efficient payment transactions.