Vision and memory are linked more closely than expected by scientists

Зрение и память связаны между собой теснее, чем предполагали ученые

Forgetfulness and distraction are quite frequent especially in elderly people accompanying their cognitive activities. It is no secret that the older the person becomes, the more neurodegenerative processes going on in his brain and the less neuroplasticity of the brain. Today, however, experts from the research Institute Baycrest Rothman presented the results of their study examining how the process of the formation of memories in older people due to a visual inspection of any objects – the article has been issued in the scientific journal neuropsychologia is.

Experts-neuroscientists considered a unique phenomenon, which is noticeable in the elderly – this phenomenon is that the memories of the subjects and practical experience is formed is different from younger people. After some tests with the participation of 21 the old man, they found that for most of them the activity of the hippocampus, the main part of the brain that forms memories is at a low level even after numerous times of work with a particular object.

Зрение и память связаны между собой теснее, чем предполагали ученые

In other words, their formation of memories is associated not so much with the direct empirical experience of observing how it works in younger people, but according to a different algorithm. Scientists suggest that somewhere between a visual study of the subject and the formation of memories of him, in the brain of elderly people disrupted hippocampus.

As a result, their memories are formed largely by what they see in a direct time study of a subject or phenomenon, not a logical conclusion, they formed some time after seen. Thus, professionals strive to find a problem at the intersection of visual perception and the formation of memories, to find a way to more effectively deal with the growing symptoms of various neurodegenerative syndromes, growing to old age.

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