Visit of caregivers in NURSING homes: not a solution, “miraculous”, according to the Grouping of caregivers in Quebec

The right of access of caregivers in NURSING homes is not a solution, “miraculous”, according to the Grouping of caregivers du Québec (RANQ).

The RANQ says that the criteria of the government Legault “are very close” so that some caregivers are able to visit their loved ones locked up in shelters and long-term care (CHSLD) during the pandemic COVID-19.

“The criteria are very tight. It is that we are talking about a very small number of family caregivers, who eventually will be able to lend a hand, and it’s going to involve a number of seniors is very small also. There is a consensus that this is not a solution that will be miraculous for the crisis that we currently live,” said Mélanie Perroux, coordinator of the strategic development in the RANQ, the issuance Frankly said, to QUB radio, Wednesday.

Ms. Perroux explained to the facilitator Jonathan Trudeau that several caregivers were distressed to be at the door of the ltc facility and not knowing what is happening” are very satisfied with the decision of the provincial government, who will ask all the same some of the requirements, as a negative result to a test screening of the COVID-19 and the respect for the rule of a distance of two meters with the staff and other patients.

LISTEN to the interview of Mélanie Perroux, on QUB radio:

“I think it’s the government, it has been quite clear. After that, I would tell you, having worked in crisis contexts is different, I know that the guidelines that are written on paper, they are always very beautiful, we try to apply, but arrived on the field, it is the pandemonium […] It’s going to be difficult on the ground that these measures are applied all the time.”

The concern behind this announcement mainly in the fact that family caregivers are “not trained psychologically to face” with this kind of situations in connection with the pandemic.

“They are going to go all home alone with the heaviness or the distress that it can cause. That, too, is a questioning for us to ensure that back they offer psychological support,” added the coordinator of the strategic development in the RANQ.

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