Visitors to a Chinese zoo raccoons fattened to obesity

Посетители китайского зоопарка раскормили енотов до ожирения

Visitors to the zoo in southern China greatly fattened raccoons. Animals observed obesity. The administration of the zoo has asked visitors to stop feeding the raccoons, reports .

In particular, in the zoo of Guangzhou weight many raccoons in a short time has jumped to almost 9 pounds, although previously it was about 4.5 kilograms. The zoo is home to about 40 raccoons, more than half were experiencing obesity.

In the Park are patrolled by volunteers who asked visitors not to throw food to the animals, but many ignore the request.

The administration of the zoo said that being overweight adversely affects the health of raccoons. They have lifted the pressure, there is the risk of diabetes, they can barely move. Besides being overweight negatively affects reproductive function in animals.

“Raccoons are too fat. This limits their ability to multiply,” – said in the administration.

Currently, the zoo has developed a special diet for his animals, which includes, including fruit.

Earlier it was reported that visitors to the Krasnoyarsk zoo “Roev Ruchey” to death overfeed horned goat. Pet ate too much rich fodder and died.