Vitaly Kozlovsky in shock: Ramin Achakzai became a mother

Віталій Козловський в шоці: Раміна Есхакзай стала мамою

Vitaly Kozlovsky in shock: Ramin Achakzai became a mother

Tired for hours flipping the tape Instagram? I’m afraid that one day he’ll suck you and you will not find a way back? Then you our weekly series where we quickly/short/fun to discuss the new Instagram’Ukraine and not only 😉

Brew a Cup of coffee or a Cup of delicious cocoa! Sit back, because we are starting a fresh review of the Instagram accounts of the stars of Ukraine and the world.

This time we’ll start with a cute and touching photo of the singer TARABAROVA. She urged all women to give birth, who read her Instagram to share their feelings.

The message circulated by user @tarabarova 7 Jul 2018 9:41 PDT

Iryna Fedyshyn showed how she spent the day of Ivan Kupala. The singer floated on an inflatable boat, and rested on the haystack.

The message circulated Iryna Fedyshyn Iryna Fedyshyn (@irynafedyshyn) 7 Jul 2018 at 8:06 PDT

Charming TV presenter Katya Osadchaya never ceases to amaze with its natural beauty. Kate shared with fans self where she poses without makeup.

The message circulated Katya Osadcha (@kosadcha) 7 Jul 2018 1:59 PM PDT

Nastya Kamensky continues to collect critical comments under their photos online. At this time, Instagram users have blasted the singer of negative remarks. In particular, they noted that Nastia has no Breasts. Agree?

The message circulated Nastya Kamensky (@kamenskux) 6 Jul 2018 at 9:34 PM PDT

Nadia Dorofeeva complained about his papinian that even while on holiday she can’t relax. First, she continues to think about the projects and the work that awaits her, and only after a few days adjusted on a continuous relaxation.

The message circulated nadyadorofeeva (@nadyadorofeeva) July 4, 2018 at 11:45 am PDT

Bella Hadid showed how to keep the balance. We’re so subtly implying that we have a WHOLE day off: don’t miss the opportunity to have a good rest 😉

Message, common (@bellahadid) 6 Jul 2018 11:15 PDT

Chief inspector of Ukraine Volodymyr Ostapchuk – showed a touching photo with her son Evan. Mi-mi-msnti just rolls over.

The message circulated Vladimir Ostapchuk (@vova_ostapchuk) 6 Jul 2018 10:51 PDT

Judge of the Masterchef Tatiana Litvinova showed the bouquets that she usually presented. Can’t help but enjoy her sense of humor 😉

The message circulated Tatyana Vitali (@tanita_litvinova) 6 Jul 2018 11:05 PDT

Ramin Achakzai was intrigued by its subscribers unexpected photo with the baby. Her fans immediately bombarded former lover Vitaly Kozlovsky a lot of questions. Most of them suspect that Ramin’s godmother.

The message circulated Ramina Eskhakzai Official (@raminalalala) 7 Jul 2018 8:12 PDT

Well, to finish we decided from the Vitaly Kozlovsky, which continues to turn your Instagram on “women’s quotations”. Note that his “snotty” status and she has commented on Ramin in these words: “I love you”. I have a suspicion that their altercation in the network will never end 😉

The message circulated ♣this is Vitaliy Kozlovskiy♣ amazing game (@vkozlovskiy) 6 Jul 2018 12:08 PDT

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