Vlad Topalov and Regina Todorenko has declassified the name of the son

The singer admits that the first time after birth was emotional.

Влад Топалов і Регіна Тодоренко розсекретили ім&#039я сина

The rapid novel of these two creative personalities was watched by all country. It seems that the two halves finally find each other and feelings between the lovers was obvious. So the news of the creation of a young family and its replenishment has become a joyful and expected. Recently Vlad and Regina are the parents of a boy, and recently a young father said, as they named the baby, informs Rus.Media.

In a show where Topalov was invited as a guest, he accidentally let slip that son called Michael – a handsome and manly name! And even admitted that little Mike bring some chaos in family life and regularly trains dad to Wake up at all hours of the night.

“It was scary at first, unclear. I taped the words of the obstetrician on how to bathe, to wash, to keep. Still did not understand, but now we have become accustomed handle. And Regina must pay tribute. She is an amazing mother. From the very first second it night, day, night, anytime all makes. On tour we all know what it means not to sleep. But every two hours to rise – is a completely different experience, I was not ready. Regina’s somehow all the problems with it was not” – said a young father.