Vlad Yama was told about the affair with Natalia Mogilev, details

Влад Яма рассказал о романе с Натальей Могилевской, подробности

It has long been all of the buzz was

Влад Яма рассказал о романе с Натальей Могилевской, подробности

So, Vlad Yama and Natalia Mogilevskaya together for the first time appeared on the floor of the show “dancing with the stars” in the first edition of the program. They took only the second place. After they took part in the third season, and with the same result. But the most interesting that from the very first days everyone was talking about their affair. The couple just laughed it off and nothing said.

And here’s the truth finally surfaced in the broadcast of the eleventh edition of the show, which was dedicated to the return of all past participants. On the floor appeared Natalia Mogilevskaya, who also performed the song “I Pochala”.

Before the show in a short video Vlad Yama told about the participation with Mogilev in the first season of the show and admitted that he still had an affair with Natalia during the project 1 season in 2006.

The question was if we had a Roman Pit replied, ” if I had an affair with Natalia Mogilev? Yes, of course, was.” As they say, better late than never.

Today it is known that Natalia Lectors have a favorite man-womb and has dedicated his new song. Thus now it is far enough away from it, but this is only temporary difficulties. After all, the submissive love any distance and problems.

Vlad Yama is married to Liliana Kudlay (2015) and has a son Leon. It should be noted that during this time, the singer had time to visit married and divorce. Her family life is, for unknown reasons, never happened. Natalia Mogilev from 2006 to 2011 were married for businessman Yegor by Malininym. However, the singer is open to a new relationship and seems very happy in them, as became transformed right before our eyes.

Earlier also it was reported that Natalia Mogilevskaya directly in the air “Dancing with the stars” confessed his love to her man

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