Vladyslav VASHCHUK: “the stronger the opponent, the better it is Alexandria”

Владислав ВАЩУК: «Чем сильнее соперник, тем лучше играет Александрия»

The former defender of Kiev “Dynamo” and national team of Ukraine Vladyslav Vashchuk has shared expectations from the match Oleksandriya with “Saint-Etienne” in the Europa League.

— Alexandria can surprise — in a good way?
— I think so. The team of Vladimir Sharan, and it shows, already ready for a serious fights. Moreover, what is particularly pleasing, “Alexandria” progresses. The impression is that the stronger they are, the more confident you are Alexandrians.

— In what scenario can develop a home match with “Saint-Etienne”?
— Everything will depend on the first minute, as will become clear which team is better prepared for the moment.

— “Saint-Etienne” are probably already well understood, what is the “Alexandria”…
— All study each other. Especially now no one can not hide anything. It is no secret after all, as “Alexandria” reliably valid defense for so many matches in a row the team of Sharan more than one goal per game will not be missed. Sure, a reliable defense — the main advantage of the Alexandrians. We clearly saw in the Champions League, for example, the same “Ajax” or “inter”, which can be enchanting to act in attack to score two, three or even four goals, but allow at best the same, or even more, and be left with nothing. It’s definitely not the way to “Alexandria”!

Match of the Europa League “Alexandria” — “Saint-Etienne” will be held on Thursday, 7th November, at 22:00 Kyiv time.

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