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Vladimir Zelensky is the only one in the Universe President-vlogger. This type of blogger, but only in video format and “Tesla”. Ukrainians again struck the leader of the nation who are driving the electric vehicle, taken from the head of the Office of the President Andrey Bogdan, talked at length about Ukraine’s future. Why again? This is the second video with Zelensky at the wheel. Creatives of his team decided that the best format you can imagine. And kept his word – not invented.

Влогер Вова

Very, with….and, the deep symbolism inherent in the President’s video blog. He sits behind the wheel of “Tesla”. This is Elon Musk who smokes pot in the Studio and going to colonize Mars. The car belongs to Bogdan, hence all the rumors about his imminent resignation because of a fight with the head of SBU Ivan Baranovym, which was not, and other nonsense baseless. Well, who will give you a car Zelensky for the third series?

The President of Ukraine travels to the American “innovative” car. This underlines the strategic partnership of the Ukrainian nation with the “great us ally”. A disguised form of “residual prosavi” Petro Poroshenko. Again, what the President eats? He pulls up to the avtodrayv “McDonald’s” and eating a delicious Shawarma. But graciously agreed to enjoy a cheeseburger with a paper Cup. Too deep game characters. McDonald’s – the great American multinational Corporation that nurtures generations of Ukrainians, bringing them closer to world standards of civilization. Zelensky absorbs fast food that only emphasizes his closeness to the common people. However, this concept does not fit the car for $80 000 dollars. But what will he ride? Own industry in Ukraine is already there. Our participation in automotive is limited to the manufacture of mats “merci” on ultra modern plant near the city. Hardworking Galicians still make all sorts of wiring and the plastic things for cars. Therefore, the cases of fire in European cars due to a short-circuit.

We have, therefore, to go to “Tesla”. Zelensky driving is again a symbol of what he confidently control power, leads her in the right direction. Dressed Dylan is very affordable: white shirt and dark trousers. At any time can get out of “Tesla” to play on the piano a medley of Chopin, just to mingle with the enthusiastic crowd. Symbolic? Yes.

Admiring ze-commentators happily tell you that Vova is very easy talking about difficult things. And indeed it is. However, there is a difference between a person who is well versed in complex matters and is available to them to Express, and he who does not understand a damn, so she says just because your vocabulary is limited. He has a b….b, the faction went rogue in the Parliament. The head of Committee on external relations became the star of a sex scandal of the international scale, the permanent representative of Vova in Parliament Gerus (“servant of the people”) was just publicly raped by a famous politician in the past with “rear wheel drive” Oleg Lyashko, restaurateur”servant” Tishchenko took attorney General for the psychoanalyst, and confessed to him. The same turned out to be a prankster “Joker” and cruelly mock the stupid Deputy. A dozen parliamentarians “zashkvarilis” in a corruption scandal and ran to osvidetelstvovanie lie detector, a pregnant servant was so upset because of unbundling that I almost gave birth right in the hall. Could go on but it makes no sense. Vova’s all right: Yes, it was “shameful esemeski”, but before the end of the year we’ll see. What to look for, Volodya? Your Yaremenko for a couple with Kiva soon starts to masturbate right in the hall, next to the pregnant honorable.

The symbolism is great, of course, if he does not border on idiocy. In this case it is not just borders, but right it goes. Very natural and relaxed. “Let’s wait until the New year” – as if Zelensky asks, alluding to the “young government team”. But to wait until the cold weather with the team “sorozat” is not necessary. They have fully revealed their potential. As fully opened and the capacity of the Office of the President. Vitaly Klitschko dry beat of the same Bogdan that on the instructions of Igor Kolomoisky tried to shift Vitalik with the Kiev throne. You will not believe: the absolute moron defeated in the second round by knockout. There are three problems that the New year will put Zelensky to have to put gas in “Tesla” Bogdan.

First: the heating season and the associated problems of gas and coal. “Naftogaz” confident nation “smacks” of “Gazprom”. Position we have an absolutely win-win: Russia owes us all, because we buy her fuel from the relief. So it not necessary in Fig. There are resources in the Norwegian lakes. “Gazprom” is obliged to pay 23 billion dollars in international claims, and he actually secured to the wall. He is helpless, because Ukraine as a gas consumer dry just outplayed the loser, who has nothing but nobody wants the gas. And “Nord stream-2” we do not afraid, because in the Stockholm arbitration lies the case for Gazprom, which it would bankrupt. And all this nonsense are two “neftegazovoe” KOBOLEV and Vitrenko, which are under the States. Involuntarily thinking about how many cats need for heating in the winter. Alternatives well, of course, no. The President eating cheeseburgers, riding in the “Tesla” and tells that Ukraine – the best startup in the world. It is certainly true. But how to live in a country with “greatest intellectual and innovation potential”?

The second problem, which has not received adequate coverage in the monologue of our vlogger, – participation of Ukraine in the impeachment trump. “Propetlyat” between Biden and trump Zelensky will not succeed. Even if it is wrapped in the American flag and will ride in the car with numbers of Michigan. Impeachment proceedings have reached the stage where the role of the witness must be a car driver Bogdan. That is, the President Zelensky. U.S. senators ask state Department to provide information about his son Hunter Biden and Ukrainian company “Borism”. In Ukraine there are 11 criminal cases involving hunter Biden, representatives of the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, the leadership of the NAB and other “representatives of an organized criminal group that intervened in the American elections.” The attorney-General Ruslan riaboshapka on the second day after tenure, on the advice of the congressional Democrats shut it down, however, manuscripts do not burn. “Tesla” Zelensky went to American “oncoming traffic line”, where NG faced with a truck trump. It is not necessary to expose the head, it will be very fun.

And finally, the third problem, which concealed our vlogger is fast turning Zelensky galichanskogo the victim of the aggressive minority. People confused the electorates. Today he recklessly flirting with the voters of Peter I, turning into a carrier of ideology “mova, army, Tomos”. And now it turns out that the majority of the members of the new Cabinet voted for Poroshenko, and the Minister of culture Borodyansky (Pinchuk, Soros) open heats for “single local Church”. So the next video is from the “Tesla” Zelensky is going to sit in embroidery and periodically shout SUGS.

Alexander Jablokov

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