Voie Camillien-Houde: Montreal planned to eliminate through traffic… 27 years ago

Photo: Pedro Ruiz The Duty
The electoral defeat of Jean Doré in 1994, has been relegated to the shadows the redevelopment of the tracks Camillien-Houde and Remembrance.

The idea of a ban on through traffic on mount Royal does not date from yesterday. As early as 1990, a report of the Office de consultation de Montréal recommended that the City block the passage of the cars at the top of the mountain, found The Duty.


Twenty-seven years later, with the death of a cyclist Clement Ouimet last week, the same solution is brought back on the carpet.


In 1990, the administration of John Golden had given the Bureau of consultation of Montreal — abolished by Pierre Bourque in 1994 — with the mandate to hold a public consultation on the draft mise en valeur du mont Royal.


At the time, the administration Gilded-Fainstat was planning to develop the northern flank of the mountain, a funicular railway, to build a sugar shack and a ski centre on the mountain and provide opportunities for horse riding and rock climbing on the site.


Ex-city planner with the City of Montreal, Jean Décarie recalls the discussions that had been going on in the City concerning the traffic on mount Royal : “The transit was absolutely useless. The people used paths Camillien-Houde and Remembrance as a highway. It is said that it was necessary to cut it. “


A conservation park


In September 1990, the conclusions of the consultation Office, of Montreal, presided over by Luc Ouimet, are unequivocal. In his report, he recommends that the City prioritize a focus on the conservation of mount Royal and to promote the holding of activities compatible with the natural environment, such as walking, skiing, hiking and ” bike on trails permitted.” It is as well as the funicular, the sugar shack, the ski center and other projects have been relegated to the dustbin.

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The report also recommended to the municipal authorities to equip the mountain of a special legal status of ” conservation park “. It will have to wait for 15 years before that the mount Royal gets the status of a historic and natural district by government decree in 2005.


The consultation had also addressed the issues of traffic and parking.


The Bureau of consultation had recommended that the through traffic on the routes Camillien-Houde and Remembrance was interrupted by the development of two “loops terminal separate” on the top of the mountain, one in the area of the lake to the Beaver, and the other, near the Smith home.


The organization suggested, however, that buses and emergency vehicles can continue to move freely.


Solutions still relevant


A development plan for mount Royal was finally adopted in 1992. “This plan was that it was necessary to reduce substantially the traffic on Camillien-Houde and Remembrance and review the configuration “, ” recalls ex-member of the board Golden file manager, André Lavallée.


John Golden has lost power in 1994 and the case was swept temporarily to return sporadically over the course of the 2000s, in particular during the adoption of the Plan for the protection and enhancement of Mount Royal park and transportation Plan in 2008.


“It is in 2017. What to do in terms of movement are evident, is today argued by Mr. Lavallée. I think that the loops proposed by the Bureau of consultation of Montreal needs to be seriously looked at in the coming months. It is rendered here. “

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Insufficient measures ?


In the wake of the death of Clement Ouimet, the City of Montreal announced Wednesday that interim measures of security would be in place by 20 October. Thus, the central mall of the gazebo will be extended to about 30 meters and signs prohibiting turns, U will be added at various locations.


These measures are not sufficient, considers the outgoing mayor of the Plateau Mont-Royal and member of Project Montreal, Luc Ferrandez. “It is clear that he must immediately apply the measures at issue there are more than 25 years, because the temporary measures, that are roughly the thousandth that I see. “