Volkswagen is preparing for the premiere luxury minivan

Volkswagen готовит к премьере роскошный минивэн

Company Volkswagen has published the first images of the model Viloran, which will be the largest minivan brand.

According to the creators, it represents luxury and aimed at a business audience

Volkswagen Viloran adopted a lot of external strokes from the flagship crossover Touareg but its features him enough, for example, the minivan has its own optics with interesting chrome frame.

By the way the interior of the van causing some issues, as usual the front panel is reminiscent of the crossover Teramont, clearly not combined with company representatives about luxury.

However, it was spy photos, and serial performance can still much to change.

As for engines, buyers will offer only one engine – petrol two-liter turbo engine, 220 HP (350 N•m). It will be combined with seven-step “robot” with two clutches.

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