Volny raises his hand to Butler

Volny lève la main pour Butler

The name of Patrice Volny is little known in the world of boxing quebec. The Montreal-would like to see this perception changing in the next few years. It is for this reason that he would not hesitate to climb into the ring with Steven Butler in a duel of the weight means.

After having played his first five fights in the under-cards of the Group Yvon Michel (GYM), Volny (15-0, 9 K.-O.) has accepted a bid by the proponent, ontario Lee Baxter.

It is at this point that his career took off. Before the cessation of activities in the world of boxing, Volny was ranked no. 4 in the WBA, no. 6 by the IBF and no. 8 in the WBO. He had to cross swords against Magomed Madiev in an elimination fight WBA on the table, but the whole thing has been cancelled for reasons of visa.

He is well aware of the project Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM) and Camille Estephan with the presentation of fights with a local flavour. If he gets a satisfactory offer, the protégé of Éric Bélanger would be willing to measure up to Steven Butler (28-2-1, 24 K.-O.).

“I would be willing to raise the hand to the face, said Patrice Volny during an interview with The Journal de Montréal. I sincerely believe that I have the tools to defeat him.

“I have nothing against him on a personal level. It is above all a business matter. ”

The pugilist 30 years would like to open the eyes of the fans in Quebec with the possible duel against Butler.

“It is, of course, I could go and get a certain recognition of the public, he added. Sometimes, it is tickling to see that my name is never mentioned for possible fights of this scale. ”

Reyes a priority

Contacted by The Newspaper on Tuesday, the promoters of Volny and Butler have given the bell sounds very different.

“It could be a unique fighting, said Lee Baxter by text message. I’m sure this is a fight that fans québécois would like to see. ”

Meanwhile, Camille Estephan would be willing to do business with Baxter. In recent years, the two promoters have been in trouble about the issue of Custio Clayton.

“At the gala of the 14th of march, Steven Butler had to face Marcos Reyes, said the boss of EOTTM. As we know, the gala has been cancelled by the public Health, but the fight is still relevant today.

“Steven was always the intention of rubbing to Reyes, either the United States or Quebec, to the resumption of activities. It has plans to scale for the future. ”

According to Estephan, her foal could get a major fight with a convincing victory against Reyes.

Still Akhmedov

For Volny, Estephan would be willing to make him an offer.

“Butler is not available, but I could give him a fight against (Saddridin) Akhmedov “, he said.

Akhmedov boxing at 154 lbs, while Volny evolves in the 160 lb. Is that likely to give a fight interesting ? We can doubt it.

The boss of EOTTM has all the miseries of the world to find opponents in her young pure-blood kazakh. We may think that it will have to spend more money to convince other power moves to confront Akhmedov in the course of his ascent to the summit.

Its technical qualities and its striking force, to be reckoned are already think several. And his career is only beginning.

No tournament at 140 lbs at EOTTM

The promoter Camille Estephan has several plans on the table for the revival of boxing in Quebec. The one to hold a tournament in the 140 lb is not a party for the moment.

Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM) has four boxers of the caliber in the super-light : Batyr Jukembayev, Mathieu Germain, Yves Ulysse jr and Steeve Claggett. Clashes between these four athletes could be interesting.

However, Estephan quickly put an end to these speculations.

“Batyr and Yves proposals to fight the United States where the boxing will be revived, underlined the patron of EOTTM. However, before these proposals, we had thought of a tournament in the 140 lb with a cash prize to the winner.

“We don’t close the door to the future, but that will depend on the trend of the careers of four boxers. “

Estephan believes that the opportunities offered to Odysseus and Jukembayev are superior to those of a mini-tournament within his team. The two will attempt to climb the world rankings in order to get a fighting major in 2021.

End of the folder Zewski

Mikael Zewski there will not Saddridin Akhmedov. The refusal of the He has made waves in the last days.

Zewski has refused an offer of $ 20,000 for a fight at 153 pounds ; a stock exchange that he felt a little ridiculous. In the world of boxing, the money has always been and will always be the sinews of war.

The good boxers do, never a challenge if the amount of the award is to the height. If they risk their world rankings and their health in the face of a young pure-blood like Akhmedov, they want to do it for a sum equivalent to the quality of the opponent in front of them.

Estephan, through its matchmaker Stéphane Rent, believed to be able to convince Zewski with 20 000 $ or 30 000 $ in a offer negotiated. Yvon Michel has not made a counter-offer, because he felt that this was not a good deal for Zewski.

The expectations of the boxer, 31-years were much higher. According to our information, he would have started to have an ear to 75 000 us$, an amount that was illogical in the eyes of the business man. It is a world of difference.

The gap was obviously too large between the two parties, especially in a situation where everyone is moving forward into the unknown. It is now necessary to move on to another call.

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