Volunteers in the suburbs help lonely pensioners with cleaning

PHOTO : “Mir24” / Tatiana Konstantinova


Share “a light in the window” takes place in the suburbs. Volunteers come to the lonely seniors to help them with house cleaning, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Hope Serezhkin.

May weekend Jack and his team have been at work. Volunteers Bronnitskaya youth squad help lonely pensioners in the city. Wash the Windows, buy groceries, doing the cleaning.

“We carry out actions, such as “a light in the window”, “Clean yard”. Participate in local events, the campaign “Plant a tree” and sport volunteering. Help on big events that we have in the pass,” – said the head of the youth volunteer group Yevgeny Solodkov.

In “a light in the window” was attended by about 80 children. Mainly schoolchildren and College students. Through the centers of social assistance to find out addresses of people who need help.

“Just decided to try to enroll in the volunteers. Was just wondering what to do there. Sat in my house, filled out the questionnaire, then handed them,” say the volunteers Diana Matvienko and Elena Kichigina.

Antonina Yakovlevna lives alone. The children grew up and left Khotkovo, but 15 years ago, became a husband, a veteran of the Afghan war. All her life she worked in manufacturing, the technology of the sewing Department. Traveled all over the country from Tashkent and the Altai to Moscow.

“I’m an engineer-economist of light industry. I know not only clothing, to more light industry includes textile and footwear. I there and worked there know it all. It was an interesting job 46 years, I have worked,” said pensioner Antonina Kryvozub.

Before her illness, Antonina Y. every spring planting flowers and trees in the yard, arranged Saturdays. But now rarely leaves the house. The woman has diabetes, painful joints. Hard of hearing and now waiting for the queue to receive a new hearing aid.

“I have absolutely nothing at home now can’t do. Cleaning I also get hired to do. And volunteers are free to do. Look how clean they all do their job very good”, – says the pensioner.

Share “a light in the window” is held annually in the spring. But its work the volunteer teams will continue in the summer. Indeed, in the Bronnitsy live more than five thousand single pensioners.