Volvo introduced its first electric car and a new sub-brand

Volvo представила свой первый электромобиль и новый суббренд

Recharge is not only the name of the electric crossover, it’s the whole concept.

Under the name of Recharge in the near future there will be a range electric and fully electric models Volvo (might be renamed and those that have been sold). The company plans in the next five years (and a minimum) to produce a new electric car every year. And in the next year, plug-in hybrids should be 20% of total sales for the Swedish brand.

By 2025, the share of electrified vehicles in production Volvo needs to reach half, and 15 years later, mark’s plans to become completely neutral to the environment (the non-development of new internal combustion engines we already have in place). And that’s why the Swedes launch a rather strange campaign: from the beginning of 2020 for each of the setting on the official website of the company will have to answer the question whether they want to purchase a “rechargeable” Volvo. Part of the strategy will be some financial bonuses and incentives, the details of that yet.

Not enough details made public, however, and the novelty. The manufacturer is merely stating that the power plant Volvo XC40 develops 408 HP, a power reserve of more than 400 kilometers, and to charge the batteries up to 80% can be reached in 40 minutes when using a “fast” high-voltage terminal.

Once again confirmed that the crossover will debut a new multimedia system – a first for Volvo with the operating shell Android. It is fully integrated in Volvo On Call, due to which the drivers of the Swedish electric and hybrid cars in the future will be available fresh online services.

Interestingly, based on the explosion in popularity of electric cars the company plans to triple production capacity for their production. But not yet named nor the time of occurrence of the electric XC40 sale or its price.