Volvo will provide free charging hybrid vehicles

Volvo обеспечит бесплатной зарядкой гибридные автомобили

Customers will be offered a cash reward for the most efficient use of hybrid models of the Swedish company.

Volvo offers UK buyers of their plug-in hybrid models annual free electricity to encourage them to use their cars as efficiently as possible.

Offer Take Charge, which was announced last month, will be available to any buyer in the UK is one of seven hybrid models of the firm with the plugin in the period to 30 June 2020.

Currently Volvo offers electrified version of each car for their ruler: a hybrid version of the SUV XC40, XC60, XC90, V60 and V90 station wagons, sedans S60 and S90. All these models will now have a new icon Recharge for electric cars.

Firm will record the overall level of the fees paid by it during the year, by using the Volvo On Call app, while Volvo then provides the client a discount depending on the average electricity prices.

Bjorn Annual, commercial Director of Volvo, said the scheme was designed to demonstrate that hybrids with the plug-in can be a stable stepping stone or alternative to fully electric cars, and fight faith in the fact that many are bought for the tax benefits and rarely connected for charging.

“We wanted consumers to know more about the benefits and it was something we could do to help all buyers hybrid plug-ins. We think incentives can help, because they are able to draw attention to the efficient use of energy”. he said.

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