Vote: the teams are opposed to the plan are known

Vote: les équipes opposées au plan sont connues

The two teams who voted against the scenario of recovery to 24 courses in the national hockey League (NHL) are the Hurricanes of Carolina and Tampa Bay Lightning.

At least that is what revealed the former player and analyst for the network Sportsnet, Nick Kypreos, on his Twitter account Saturday.

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This is somewhat surprising, considering that its those clubs will be the playoffs.

This week, representatives from each NHL team had to vote on the proposal of the 31 governors of the circuit Bettman; 29 training 31 have voted in favour.

In this scenario, the four teams head of each of the associations will get a pass to the round of 16.

They will compete against each other to keep the form and ensure their positioning, but end up training the winners of the qualification round in the main tournament.

For the time, places (or place) where will be played matches remain to be determined. A date for resumption will also be announced and the protocol for testing, COVID-19 will also be established.

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