VTSIOM: More than half of Russians like to kiss

ВЦИОМ: Более половины россиян любят целоваться

Experts all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) on the eve of International kissing day, which is celebrated on 6 July, found out the attitude of Russians to this way of expressing love and respect. The results of a survey published by RIA “Novosti”.

It turned out, more than half of Russians like to kiss (52%). Don’t like this way of expressing feelings, 38% of respondents. Another 9% were undecided.

Kiss their friends and relatives at the meeting to welcome the 49% of citizens, and rarely or very seldom – 42%. Never do 7%.

According to 60% respondents, kisses between women at the meeting seem appropriate. Don’t think so 35%, and 5% were undecided.

Friendly kissing between men stated was pertinent only 11% of respondents. Categorically against such forms of greeting 86% of respondents, the answer has caused difficulties at 3%.

In addition, for 60% of the respondents kisses between a man and a woman at the meeting is acceptable. 34% have the opposite opinion. Another 6% could not answer this question.

Earlier polls conducted a study on the social mood of modern Russian youth. The survey showed that young people are the most optimistic compared to other age groups. So, 58% of respondents 18 to 24 years and 55% of participants between 25 and 34 years said he was pleased with the life you lead. Similar sentiments are observed still in the band “from sixty and older” – 54%.