WADA defends sitting on the doping drugs under the guise of

WADA защищает сидящих на допинге под видом лекарств

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World anti-doping Agency again took up the old lie.

The Committee of WADA’s compliance announced the database of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory referred to it a year ago, fake. Supposedly, it removed information on several hundred tests, but added the correspondence of the former Director of the laboratory of Grigory Mikhailovich Radchenkov showing that he and his two recipients engaged in forgery of results.

Openly remind the sister Radchenkov Marina sold dope, and he faked tests of its buyers. A few years criminal business opened, Marina conditionally condemned, and Gregory played the emotional breakdown and left the court. Soon he fled to the United States of America, where he became famous stormy a story about the state doping program of the Russian Federation.

No evidence of his words and was not found, but our athletes for several years have restricted the rights. Now even Moody WADA acknowledged the work of the Russian anti-doping Agency is impeccable. But approaching a new major competition we have in the world. Here’s WADA and attended to protect their primarily Anglo-Saxons and Scandinavians, sitting on the doping under the guise of drugs.

By the way, Rodchenkov was in our sport to the tip of SGA. And had access to the archives of RUSADA and a half years in a row. Now as a sign of their fraud in plain text only referred to the fact that they do not coincide with what Rodchenkov slipped WADA. From the dusty treasure chest once again got the famous “Russian hackers”: they did everything to Russia to punish the second time!

Do you believe in this? The Committee on correspondence requires four years to allow the citizens of the Russian Federation on competition only in a neutral status — no coat of arms, flag and anthem even in the stands, and public servants even into the stands is not allowed. At the same time, international competition from Russia to remove far away.

Openly believe that the war with the WADA better a world where we carry the person on the table at every opportunity!

The West in the eighties already boycotted the Moscow Olympics. And we answer in the eighty-sixth had a wonderful goodwill Games! Yourself! And the whole world came to us. Maybe to turn the table with gamblers — not sedition?Anatoly Wasserman

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