Wage subsidies: the Steelworkers Union is concerned drifts employer

Subventions salariales: le Syndicat des Métallos s’inquiète de dérives patronales

MONTREAL | In this period of economic downturn, the Steelworkers Union is worried about the fact that some employers take advantage of the wage subsidy program emergency canadian to lay off employees permanently.

The trade union body calls for employers to respect the spirit of the program, which would allow them to retain an employment relationship with the workers during the duration of the health crisis.

“We strongly encourage companies to use wage subsidies for emergency re-hire the workers laid off, maintain the employment relationship as well as the social benefits,” said the quebec director of the Usw, Dominic Lemieux, Friday, by way of a press release.

“This will be more simple when it comes to the economic recovery. Pocket the cash of the wage subsidy by allowing workers to receive emergency benefits is often less advantageous than the employment insurance, it is diverting the spirit of the program”, he added.

The wage subsidy canadian allows a company to receive 75 % of the salary of an employee for 12 weeks. It is the incentive to pay the 25 % missing. This support must encourage the reemployment of workers laid off during the crisis of the COVID-19 and to prevent further job losses.

“One can understand a company that wants to avoid bankruptcy, but it should not exaggerate. We have companies in the eye and asked the government accountability transparent about the companies that have benefited from salary subsidies emergency,” said Mr. Lemieux.

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